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Know What May Have Contributed To the Vaginal Dryness You Experience Today

Women who have experienced vaginal dryness understand better how uncomfortable this situation can be. Although even some younger women may experience vaginal dryness for some reasons, those ranging between 40 and 59 years are the most affected of all. Every woman expects to enjoy intercourse in the best way possible, but those with this health issue can’t avoid pain, bleeding, and discomfort during copulation with their male partners. Vaginal dryness doesn’t just develop without the influence of certain factors that you shouldn’t be ignorant about.

As most urogynecologists would put it, hormonal changes are some of the major causes of vaginal dryness that some women experience. You could be experiencing a hormonal change at the moment, but how it affects you may differ from the way it affects another woman. It has been noted that most of the women with this reproductive health problem are either pregnant or experiencing menopause. If you take some birth control pills, it is likely that they may also contribute to vaginal dryness you experience now or you may experience later.

One of the things you need to do when you discover you have developed this problem is to know how it could affect your entire health. It is in order to ask any urogynecologist how competent and qualified they are before you let them handle this sensitive reproductive health problem. If you find that some women weren’t happy with the services they got from them, you need to be cautious and find out why. You would be surprised to know that some women ignore the early signs of vaginal dryness and they end up in a miserable situation later.

Another major contributor to this devastating health problem is stress associated with relationships. It becomes hard for you to be aroused for intercourse if you have some unresolved relationship stress. Women who were once sexually molested will develop the dryness problem with time since this psychological act has a negative impact on their lives.

You shouldn’t be ignorant about the effect of some of the drugs you are taking now since they may cause the dryness problem. This usually happens to women who take medicines for some terminal illnesses like cancer. Most of the women with this dryness issue are those with some underlying health problems such as endometriosis. It is always advisable to stop speculating the factors behind the vaginal dryness and let a trustworthy urogynecologist confirm what may have caused it and how to go about the treatment.

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